Eat Your Words
Turning vegan sceptics into advocates.
People think they can say what they want online without consequences. So, when Oporto launched their new Vegan Burger, we knew haters were gonna hate. But, we were ready for them..

We started with a simple social post announcing our new Vegan Burger and invited all the haters to a “product tasting”, where they’d, unknowingly, taste our Vegan Burger with their negative comments engraved on them. In other words, we were going to make them Eat Their Words, both literally and figuratively. We filmed their positive reactions and then reposted them online, turning our burger’s haters into our spokespeople.
EAT YOUR WORDS became Oporto’s highest performing social campaign ever. As a result, we doubled the sales target and even matched the sales of our best-selling chicken burger. Our success also drove a 4% growth across all vegetarian items across the business.

534% increase

77% increase

355% increase

Sales target