Earth Hour

Launching a global


We knew from research that most people thought global warming was too big to tackle and fear of its consequences left people feeling overwhelmed and apathetic. Put simply, they didn't feel that individuals could make a difference. So our goal was to focus on an action that was inclusive, optimistic and simple.


The thought was blindingly simple: switch off your lights for one hour at 7:30pm on March 31. Our ambition was for this event to become a permanent global addition to the human calendar. Every March, Earth Hour would become a time for the world to think about the difference we can all make in the fight against global warming. Earth Hour was so successful it took on a life of its own. Awareness grew from 0% in December to 97% awareness the day after Earth Hour. 2.2 million people joined the movement from all walks of life – making it the largest corporate social movement in Australian history. It subsequently became one of the biggest environmetal events in history, with over 1 billion taking part globally.

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