Life Live

Showing millions the power
of VR technology


We needed to launch Samsung’s cutting edge Gear VR headset in a way that everyday people could relate to. So we humanised the technology with a campaign centred around a live event that spoke to an issue affecting thousands of Australians: being unable to attend a life-changing moment because of distance.


Using the Samsung Gear VR and the Galaxy Note 4 we captured the world’s first live virtual reality birth. After a global search, we found Jace and Alison, a couple about to have their third child, yet separated by over 4,000kms. Having to work to pay for his growing family, Jace had resigned himself to missing the birth, but with Samsung Gear VR, we let him and Alison experience the birth together. It amassed over 15 million views globally (65% of which were organic), over $10 million in earned media, 17.6 million social media impressions and was viewed in over 150 countries.

Additional projects