Art meets TV


Knowing that many style conscious people don't like the aesthetics of traditional TVs, Samsung created The Frame, a TV designed to look like a work of art - until you want to watch a show. Our challenge was to launch this TV in a way that showed off its beauty to the audience who'd appreciate it most.


We took the TVs away from the normally cluttered and unattractive electronic retail space and placed them in an environment where you'd never normally expect to see a TV: An art gallery. When they were in 'Art Mode', The Frame Gallery allowed the TVs to sit comfortably beside static works of art. But once they switched to 'TV Mode' the gallery became one like no other. Artworks were suddenly taken over by characters from popular entertainment genres who spoke directly to consumers and each other, creating an entertaining immersive space that showcased the quality of the TVs while reinforcing their stunning design.

Additional projects