Delivering the first
team talk
written by a state


State of Origin is the greatest rivalry in Australian sport. GIO wanted to use their sponsorship of the NSW team to increase their visibility and engagement with NSW fans.


We needed to motivate the people of NSW to move from being spectators to invested, passionate supporters. Our strategy was to make them feel that their support was heard and felt by the players. To do this, GIO created Fuel the Fire; a platform that gave fans the chance to motivate the players directly. Using social media, any fan could submit their #FueltheFire message for the team. The best messages were crafted into a final speech, read by Mark “MG” Geyer, a former player and NSW Origin legend. The video of the speech was released on the same day as the team announcement, showing the people of NSW that their words had been delivered directly to the players. GIO achieved $2.2 million earned media coverage and 2.36 million total impressions, creating awareness or consideration for GIO among thousands of potential new customers.

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