No one sees it like you

Celebrating everyone's
unique view of the world


With the rise of quality camera phones, image creation was blossoming but DSLR photography lagged behind. In this environment, Canon needed to re-establish its purpose and inspire people to embrace photography in ways that gave greater meaning and depth to their images. Part of our task was to encapsulate this in a new line that would leave people feeling empowered, as they are the ones who ultimately use Canon products to let us all see the world in new ways.


Built on the simple truth that each and every one of us is unique, we developed a platform for Canon centred around the singular view that we all have of the world. The line ‘No one sees it like you’ would be a reminder that, in a world awash with images, many of which feel familiar, we all have the power to bring a different perspective. And if we feel an image is worth capturing then it is worth capturing well, because each image represents who we are and what we see as valuable.

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