Road to recovery

Help reclaim
what's ours


In 2013, the worst flood in Queensland’s history devastated the city of Bundaberg, displacing thousands. The region desperately needed an economic boost following the disaster, so Bundaberg Rum decided to use its name to get visitors back. In short, we would turn a disaster zone into a tourist destination.


We staged a special relaunch of a rum called ‘Road to Recovery’. Each bottle was labelled with the name of a flood-affected street and they were only available from the distillery, compelling Bundaberg Rum's large fan base to visit the town, along with their valuable tourist dollars.

In addition to the limited edition packaging, the integrated campaign used print, posters, billboards, film, radio, social aimed at Bundaberg Rum's customer data base to draw in the the crowds. In the end, thousands came to the launch, with over $300,000 being injected into the local economy, making it the most successful tourism campaign in Bundaberg's history and the largest ever launch by the distillery.

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