Lazy Bear

Refreshing Australia's
lazy time


Bundaberg Rum is well entrenched as a night-time beverage of choice for Australians. However, the daytime casual get together is growing faster than any other occasion and Bundy is not in the consideration set.


Consumer research proved we had no relevance in the growing casual day-time get together. Cider and craft beers dominate and we had nothing that could compete. We needed more than just smart advertising. We needed to find a way to make Bundy relevant. So we proposed a whole new concept: A Bundy RTD that would provide a refreshing alternative to beer and cider. We worked closely with Diageo to develop a liquid built specifically for long, lazy afternoons with friends. We named the product ‘Lazy Bear’ and asked consumers to follow in the footsteps of Bundy R Bear… catching up with friends, slowing down, and, in short, rewarding themselves with some lazy time.

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