Engaging our
audience by talking about
them, instead of us


The Australian Bureau of Statistics needed to promote participation in Australia’s 2011 Census to a Gen Y audience that sees it as little more than an obligation – affecting participation rates and the quality of information gathered.


We created Spotlight, a personalised interactive film that’s as individual as every Australian. Instead of just talking about the Census, Spotlight prompts you to enter information about such as your age, where you live, where you’re from, and what you do, and customises the content throughout the experience, making the Census feel truly relevant to our most important audience – you. The site allows each user to create a unique, sharable infographic, customised with their personal information – spreading the site through social networks and building momentum for the campaign. In just a few short weeks, and without paid media support, this government website about statistical data was visited by more than a quarter of a million people, each spending on average more than four and a half minutes with the content. What’s more, data from Spotlight indicates that more than half of our visitors were from Gen Y, showing that our previously disinterested target were now actively engaging with us.

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