Lateral Innovation &
Behavioural Design

We know that most businesses are facing constant disruption, and it’s putting a lot of pressure on them to transform.

But they’re struggling. Innovation has gone literal. Everyone is optimising products when the ultimate goal is to transform customer experiences. And the awesomeness of the challenge often gets in the way of moving quickly and experimenting in a low risk way.

The Diner exists to future-proof brand growth by solving real human problems with lateral innovation. We create new brand ventures, services and user experiences through a combination of creative innovation and behavioural design thinking.

Our service offering includes:

New brand ventures – We help identify opportunity, design and build new brand, product and service concepts.

Experience design – We re-imagine customer experience journeys, building in both meaning and magic.

Digital products and services – We conceive, build and deploy digital products and services that disrupt industries.

Design sprints – An agile process to solve people problems, build prototypes and test within a confined time period.

Behavioural design training – We embed our teams to help train marketers on how to build brands fit for purpose in the evolving landscape.

Dan Pankraz leads the Diner studio practice.

Contact: dan.pankraz@leoburnett.com.au or diner@leoburnett.com.au