Cross Discipline
Media Innovation

Our clients face increasingly complex business problems and unprecedented levels of disruption, driven by a changing technology landscape and resulting shifts in consumer behaviour.

The traditional compartmentalising of creative, media, PR and social make these challenges harder to overcome - because the barriers that divide the communications industry don’t mean anything to audiences. Consumers exist in an integrated world. Online and offline, every contact point informs their view of a brand.

Our answer is Leo Burnett Connect. The Connect model brings together diverse skillsets, spanning brand strategy, channel planning, media buying and investment, service design, social and content strategy, community management, PR strategy and publicity, events management, qualitative and quantitative research and retail strategy.

Connect leverages these specialists to take a “consumer first” approach. We obsess with how people engage with the brand, the category, culture and each other to ensure we are leveraging genuine insight - and then we build an ecosystem around it.

The distinction is transformative. People live in connected worlds and our way of connecting brands reflects that. It is an industry-leading approach to developing ideas and creative solutions that are behaviour-led and channel neutral.

Connect is a fundamentally new way of building brands and businesses in an agile world that puts people, their needs and their behaviours right at the centre.