Samsung sponsored post
awarded again

Samsung Sponsored Post has been recognised once more by taking out second spot on the prestigious YouTube Ads Leaderboard.

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard showcases the most creative and engaging ads – which were determined by an algorithm that factored in organic and paid views, watch time, and audience retention for the 2019 calendar year.

Gen Z don’t have much money to spend on phones (or anything really), usually receiving hand-me-downs, or their parents purchase them the highest spec phone for the lowest price. In addition, Gen Z consume media and culture very differently to previous generations. Growing up with the internet, smartphones and fake news has resulted in a savvy audience with a distrust of media.

They can’t even trust social media influencers any more, thanks to all the sponsored posts proliferating news feeds. They use brand new platforms like TikTok and prefer unexpected, ironic, sarcastic and relatable humour. This meant we needed to be very nuanced in how we communicated with them.

We found Gen Z’s phones were their cure for the boredom of their monotonous lives –school, work, friends, family, repeat– leading them to use their phones for 3 main reasons: content creation (on social); content consumption (Netflix, YouTube, music, social, gaming and more); and connection (with friends and family).

How do we find a humorous way to launch the new Galaxy A Series as the best phone to beat boredom, while driving pester power so their parents will buy the Galaxy A Series phone for them? And how do we give Samsung greater cultural relevance?

Knowing Gen Z were becoming desensitized by all the inauthentic sponsored posts posted by influencers, we decided to use social media influencers in a funny but unexpected way that embraced and poked fun at the whole idea of #SponsoredPosts, with the Galaxy A Series at the heart of everything.

Launched during school holidays a time of peak boredom for our audience we teamed up with music comedy group Aunty Donna and four popular influencers to create a music video that teaches influencers how to create a sponsored post… in a not-so-subtle way. We then created short-form content, promoting each main feature of the phone for a range of platforms used by Gen Z: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok, with each execution designed specifically for the platform.

The influencers then created their own #SubtlySponsoredPosts content with live stories on their social profiles. We wanted anyone to become a #Sponsored influencer, too. So we released 5 bespoke Snapchat lenses that allowed anyone to unsubtly promote the phone.

Samsung was the first brand to leverage TikTok in Australia, the newest social media platform favoured by Gen Z, utilising paid ads and creating a TikTok challenge, based on the music video, to leverage WOM on the platform. This was supported with an advertising integration with Junkee, a Gen Z focussed publisher, again a first-of-its-kind in Australia.