Cheers To A Legend

Putting Aussie folklore
in the hands of
the people

Bundaberg Rum is an Australian legend. But in 2015, younger drinkers were reaching for our competitors' cans. So we decided to pay tribute to some of our fellow Aussie legends, by handing over our most revered real estate – relaunching our legendary can.

11 legends were anointed and their faces emblazoned on the cans. Or rather, two cans. Aussies were invited to cheers those cans to complete a face. Scan it using the Bundaberg app and you were instantly delivered the tale of that legend’s life, told in the ridiculous manner for which Bundy is famous. But folklore was never meant to be factual. And that’s why you could also mash legends together, creating entirely new legends, such as Magda Cash, a Wimbledon-winning comedian, Phar Kelly, a bank-robbing racehorse or Banjo Bradbury, a speed-skating bush poet. In total, there were 121 possible legends, each with their own unique story, which led to 171 million media impressions and a 10% sales lift, placing Australia’s oldest premixed drink firmly in the top 3 in sales. Cheers to that.