Creativity has the power to
change human behaviour

We are a
creative solutions company

We believe that creativity is the most powerful asset in business today. In an increasingly commoditised world, creativity is the greatest competitive advantage for our clients and their brands. Our ability to create fresh, original, disruptive, transformative ideas comes from a deep understanding of human behaviour. It’s what we bring to every business problem. We call it HumanKind™ thinking. It’s not about customers or consumers; we start with people and their behaviour. And we use all our intelligence, design thinking, digital innovation and customer experience capabilities to shape that thinking into behaviour and business-changing solutions.

We never stand still

We abide by the belief that “constructive dissatisfaction” is the essence of progress. And the key to building better solutions. It’s in our DNA.  Leo Burnett was famous for saying "Let's continue to be known as an agency which spends more time trying to improve its theories rather than defend them."

We started life as an advertising agency, but we’ve completely transformed our business. We embrace technology as a critical enabler of creativity, and we’re continuously innovating to build new services and capabilities that help us deliver amazing solutions for our clients.

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Leading through innovation

The 7+ GPC Scale

30 years ago, Leo Burnett launched the 7+ GPC Scale. Its purpose was to unite the world of Burnetters behind the highest creative standard in the world “bar none” – and to hold ourselves accountable to that standard. The 7+ GPC Scale is built around our HumanKind™ philosophy. It inspires us to create ideas that are more than just intelligent and well crafted; it celebrates ideas that are truly behaviour-changing. Ideas that change the way people think, feel and act. Ideas that create commercial and human value.

  1. Destructive.
  2. No idea.
  3. Invisible.
  4. I don't know what this brand stands for.
  5. I understand the brand's purpose.
  6. An intelligent idea.
  7. An inspiring idea, beautifully crafted.
  8. Changed the way people think and feel.
  9. Changes the way people live.
  10. Changes the world.
Our 8 ball

Our 8-ball

Any creative solution given an 8 or above on our 7+ GPC Scale is awarded a coveted 8-ball. It’s not easy to achieve an 8-ball, so it’s a cherished and revered recognition of excellence. And it’s become part of Leo Burnett’s internal culture, motivating and inspiring everyone in our agency to aspire to 8-ball thinking, creativity and service.
Keep your eye on the 8-ball

Keep your eye
on the 8-ball

This is an internal philosophy we all live by.

Our founder was an extraordinary leader

Leo Burnett founded the company in the middle of the Depression, when every media pundit was betting against him. But he succeeded magnificently, challenging the artifice of Madison Avenue with his insightful, warm and very human style of advertising. Time Magazine named him one of the 100 most creative people of the 20th century. His imprint on culture and business was profound, and his values, beliefs and ambitions are hardwired in our agency. HumanKind™, the philosophy that guides our company today, is a direct manifestation of Leo Burnett’s view of people and ideas.

The work of an agency is warmly and immediately human and deals with human needs, wants, dreams and hopes.

The work of an agency is warmly and immediately human and deals with human needs, wants, dreams and hopes.

We're famous for our culture

People often tell us how warm, open and humble Burnetters are.  But it’s our ability to combine that “down-to-earth-ness” with incredible ambition, a deep sense of purpose, genuine respect for each other, constructive risk-taking, and an openness to continuously change and innovate that we think sets us apart.