Gotta Be Bonds

Fashion that doesn’t take
itself too seriously


Bonds upped their design game with their new Originals range of modern, next-level quality and cool underwear. They needed a campaign to equally elevate the brand in the eyes of Aussies. But how do you go from being an iconic Australian brand to iconic Australian fashion brand?


We set out to take the iconic ‘Gotta Be Bonds’ line and breathe some new life into it with a hot campaign. At its heart, a uniquely Australian tongue-in-cheek fashion film about a small desert town where temps are too high for anyone to wear clothes. Brought to life by an Aussie fashion director, photographer and a propeller plane full of crew in the middle of the outback, Coober Pedy, a town as surreal as the concept. The result? A fashion statement that propelled the heritage brand into the future.

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