‍‍‍Zero Equipment
Inspiring a nation to get fit from home
SWEAT and lead trainer / co-founder Kayla Itsines’ new BBG Zero program removed a major barrier to fitness … equipment. We played on the basic insight that when it comes to fitness, people often create their own barriers that stop them from reaching their goals. It takes the right support, guidance and attitude to push through life’s barriers and this is what Kayla and SWEAT do best.

To launch BBG Zero Equipment we created our ZERO NOTHINGS philosophy to show how zero has defined not only Kayla’s training style, but also her barrier-breaking story, to show there’s zero nothings that women can’t do. While fitness journeys change, the origins of SWEAT and the unwavering support of its community of women does not. All you need is yourself, Kayla and the world's number one fitness brand for women, to smash through whatever has been holding you back. The campaign doubled its predicted registration target, featured SWEAT’s most engaged bit of social content to date and made BBG Zero Equipment the most-used program on the app overnight.