Discover Goulburn Valley
Turning a fruit brand into a tourism brand
Cheap, imported produce was flooding the supermarket shelves. While Goulburn Valley’s fruit is grown under the strictest food standards in the world right here in Australia, consumers weren’t aware of it – and the brand was losing sales.

We wanted to tell the provenance story of Goulburn Valley as the brand’s competitive advantage – and bring it to life in a way that captivated our audience. So we turned the fruit brand into a tourism brand by creating Goulburn Valley Food Tours. The tours began on packs printed with GPS coordinates to pinpoint the exact orchard the fruit came from.

These coordinates transported users into an immersive guided tour of the area. Goulburn Valley became a destination, and its new labelling system encouraged many more FMCG brands to be more accountable for the origin of their food.