Shining a light on the
dangers of concussions
in contact sport
There’s a hidden danger in contact sports. Hard tackles are exposing players to dangerous concussive forces which aren’t always immediately obvious. The damage from concussions add up and can be devastating, causing memory loss, depression and even dementia.

We created the brainBAND – a wearable technology that uses custom built sensors to measures the g‑force of an impact, relaying the data to medics, coaches and referees, in real-time. All data is logged so that, over time, players have a complete picture of the forces their brain has been put under, helping them reduce the threat of long-term injuries.

brainBAND generated over $10 million earned media, more than 7 million impressions and a global reach of over 119 million people. brainBAND contributed to Samsung’s reputation as a brand that helps people connect through innovation.