‍‍Small World Machines
Bringing people together, against the odds
For over 60 years, India and Pakistan have been separated by more than just a border. Despite the people’s desire for positive change, a lack of communication, along with three wars, unstable politics and continuing border tensions keep the two countries apart. If there were ever two countries in need of a moment of happiness, they are India and Pakistan.

Over a three-day event, we connected India and Pakistan using world-first technology so they could share a simple moment of happiness.

Small World Machines opened a live digital portal between the two countries, compelling people to step forward and simultaneously create animated symbols of peace, love and happiness. Touch screens allowed eye-to-eye contact and physical interaction for the very first time. An online film let people share the experience with the wider world.
Over 10,000 attendees put aside their differences and became part of the experience, creating over 700 connections across the border. In the first week, we achieved 58,163,753 total earned media impressions, 18,535,132 total reach across Facebook and Twitter, and 4860 unique mentions from online news sites, TV broadcasts, blogs and forums.